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Free Demo: Sculpture - Lord Ganesha


This is a free session created to familiarize art with clay and provide some basic practice.

This video has been designed by Professional Artist; K. Muralidhar using a special eco-friendly clay created by him. This online course comprises of a list of materials required and easy to use techniques of creating murals with a difference. The procedure can be followed by all kinds of art lovers, beginners as well as professionals. For those who would like to create this using muralidhar’s special clay, please place order using the "BUY CLAY" option provided in the navigation below.


Once payment is made, the video will be viewable through any browser (a good internet connection is required.) For any clarifications, please use the “contact us” page to post your queries. Interaction process will be decided once the first contact is made.

General Instructions:

  • This special clay is fast drying - please ensure that it is sealed in an airtight container at all times.
  • Take required clay from the packet for use and seal the rest tightly.
  • Use only the prescribed adhesive as it has been tested with the clay to give perfect quality.
  • A little water can be added if necessary to make the clay softer.
  • Water is also effective on dried clay – simply damp the clay with water and use.
  • For painting you can use oil based paint or acrylic colours. Water colours can also be used, however will not give a very bright look.
  • For smoother finish, apply one coat of primer after the art piece is completely dry

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