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The clay invented by Muralidhar has been a huge success. Following its reputation, many institutions and individuals have purchased this clay for their 3D paintings and sculptures. In his studio/painting institute at Secunderabad, he has trained and continues to train several students of different ages and many of them have now ventured to this field professionally. His charges are nominal and he provides students with everything that they require; canvas, paint, raw materials and brush.

Muralidhar's way of teaching is unique and open. There is no limit to the kind of art a person can try. Before starting a course, the artist would discuss with a person the basic skill and capabilities required for a particular art and consequently come to a joint decision on what can be taught and learnt. This is to help the prospective students assess their capabilities and challenge themselves accordingly.

Professional Course:

Duration of 3 1/2 months. 3 hours per day. Wednesday to Sunday; Timing 10 am to 5pm. Charge: 35000/-*. Course stages are as below:



Stage 1: Simple Landscape


Stage 2: Still Life


Stage 3: Fort


Stage 4: Any Animal


Stage 5: Portrait


Stage 6: Couple (two figure) Portrait


Stage 7: Modern Mural


Stage 8: Statue/Sculpture

2 1/2 Ft in height


* Charges will vary if students require changes to complexity and dimensions of the art.

Individual Courses:

Individuals can learn any number of murals, sculptures according to their comfort levels. The rate is according to the type of art selected, its size and its complexity (E.g.: if carpentry work is involved). Request those interested to visit the studio to discuss artwork, price and size before commencing the course.

Please see the 'Art Out of Waste' section in the Gallery page for more ideas.

The following are taught on board/canvas:

1. Landscapes

2. Still Life

3. Monuments

4. Horses

5. Birds

6. Rajasthani Paintings

7. Miniature Mughal Art

8. Temple Murals

The following are taught as murals/sculptures

1. Statues/Sculptures - Standing figures

2. Statues/Sculptures - Sitting figures

3. Center table

4. Waterfall

5. Table lamps

The following are taught using art out of waste techniques

1. Human Figures on soft drink bottle

2. Varied murals and naturistic art using thermacol packing materials

3. Murals and sculptures using cardboard

4. Clay painting and murals using newspapers

5. Carved faces and figures using PVC pipes and paper cones

6. Decoratives using household items

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